Our company was Born in order to be a reliable organization and a market leader, aiming for consultancy and representation in the natural oils, fats and their derivatives.
We are very proud of being a successful company supported by our long stand Professional experience, basing on the professionalism of our engineers in oil chemistry field as well as Sales Knowledge.
Nowadays, along with the representation services, our company also manufactures high quality products, with formulation and technology as well as providing a consultancy and market studies for specific chemical products and sectors.



Our company can support sustainable and profitable business growth, with the following service offer : comercial representation and manufacturing.

What do you need?



Each company has specific and diffrentiated demands, related to market, business structure and cultural situations.
These demands envolve a great investigation process to determine the itens and industrial processes that will create a high performance in a certain industrial context.
Meeting these demands, we off the following services:

- Consulting and technical services
- Chemical development project
- Industrial projects
- Market studies
- Equipment disposal
- Biodiesel Installations




We count on a team of chemical technicians and engineers, on a great experience at chemical industry, for more than 30 years in the Brazilian market with seriousness and professionalism.



Aware of our social reponsibilities, Oleoquímica has loked for solutions that may preserve the environment, such as Biodiesel factory development.
Nowadays the company is able and has technology available to produce biodiesel from ethanol or methanol as well as from oils and grases, also we have the knowledge to develop and install manufactoring plants and biodiesel.



We are committed to build your business representing it with professional and competent manner in a highly competitive business enviroment.
Our mission is to make your business a liver in Brazilian and international market.